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desktopDesktop computers are essential to many businesses. They tend to be dedicated to a single user, are usually more powerful than their mobile counterparts and provide a central location for document storage. For many of us, our desktop is our main computing platform.

Planning & Purchasing

Setting up a new office or simply upgrading an existing configuration requires proper planning. Knowing what technologies you need takes work, this is where we come in. We work with clients to ensure that they have the proper fit of technology to succeed within their budget.

Having the right computer equipment is essential, cheap and unreliable computers can mean down time and loss of data. Let us help you decide which computer equipment best suites your business needs.

Service & Support

Supporting the technologies you already have is more than ensuring your computer turns on. For computers to work effectively and securely they must be maintained. Regular checkup's and maintenance need to be performed to ensure both hardware and software continue to work as expected.

Staying on top of issues before they become critical is essential, especially in smaller businesses. Your entire business can be brought to a stop by something as simple as a faulty network cable or failing hard drive. Knowing how to spot problems early and repair them quickly is key.

We provide regular service contracts to keep things moving. We can monitor computers and servers remotely in many cases. If remote monitoring doesn't fit well we can schedule regular on-site visits to check on things. Regular on-site visits can also be very helpful because many times small business owners get side tracked and don't have the time to even contact us about issues.