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Knowing when you need a server is almost as important as knowing what kind of server that you need. Many small companies start out working with a single computer and expand as they grow. The problem is more often than not the more they expand the more problems arise.

There are many types of servers, knowing what kind you need is very important. When you start talking servers the costs can go up fast, nobody wants to invest in a server that does dozens of things they don't need it to do.

We will work with you to decide if you need a server or servers and if so what kind you need. If the only thing you need is to share access to your Quickbooks data files we will help you find just the right server for your needs.

If you want to start your own hosting company and need assistance setting up a few dozen blade servers running virtual Linux servers we can help with that as well!


Thin ClientThin Clients

A lot of people in the business world have worked with technology for many years. In the “old days” we all used Client/Server setups. Where a number of “dumb terminals” connected to a big mainframe computer. Due to a number of reasons such as initial cost of computers, support of those computer systems and even concerns over energy usage many companies are returning to the old standards.

These days dumb terminals are known as thin clients. Thin Clients are small embedded computers that are designed to do a hand full of tasks quickly and efficiently. Initial costs are lower than purchasing an office full of computers. Support costs are lower because of both software licensing and the fact thin clients aren't able to run viruses and such.

On top of this they use far less power than an actual computer and only one computer (the server they connect to) needs to be updated regularly.