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Application Virtualization technologies like VMware Server and XenServer allow you to reduce the total number of physical servers in your organization. They do this by delegating a portion of the resources such as CPU and Memory in a single sever to multiple Virtual Servers. Since many servers in use by small businesses are specialized and dedicated to sometimes only a single purpose such as File Servers or Email Servers, often times they sit idle. Even an idle server takes up space, uses electricity and generates heat.

Virtual Server ExampleUsing Virtual Servers you can deploy and manage servers in the fraction of the time spent on physical servers. Added benefits include simplified drivers on the virtual servers, easy migration to newer and faster servers if needed and even load balancing. Since the hardware of the virtual server uses generic built in operating system drivers in most cases, setting up servers is easier and faster.

With virtual servers you can move the guest operating system to a new physical server with limited down time and effort. Simply copy the virtual server to a new physical server, the virtual server will see no change in the hardware. No driver worries or activation issues.

Using applications such as VMware VCenter and XenCenter you can manage multiple servers from a single application. Monitor, update, reboot or even add more memory to a server with one easy to use administration tool.

Since Virtualization allows you to reduce the number of physical servers in your environment, it can reduce your maintenance costs, fewer servers means fewer fans and other moving parts to wear out. With a reduction in the number of physical servers plugged in you can also expect a reduction in the amount of electricity used as well.

Virtualization is the best kind of going Green, it can mean more green in your wallet!

We can help you decide if Virtualization is right for your company, and if it is we can help you choose the right hardware and software to fit your individual needs.